Sheet Metal Processing

Application Industry: Medical LCD Monitor Frame
Production Process: Sheet Metal Bending, Punching, Nuts+Screws
Material : SUS304
Surface treatment : Cleaning
Additions: 3M Film to be applied on window
Medical, LCD Monitor Frame, Sheet Metal, Bending, Punching, Nuts and Screws, SUS304, 3M Film
Application Industry : Medical Cabinet Shelves
Production Process: Sheet Metal Processing + Powder Coating.
Material: Steel
Surface Treatment: Gray Powder Coating
Medical connector interface
Application : Optical Server Device
Material : SPCC
Production Process : Stamping
Surface Treatment : Black Powder Coating
Optical Fibre Server Box
– AL5052 + powder coating
– SUS316
Connector Terminals
– C17200 + Gold Plating
Thermal Controller
– Tol. +/-0.1mm
Connector Terminals
-C17200 + Heat Treatment
Connector Terminals
– C17200 + Heat Treatment + Nickel plating
Cable Clip
– C17200 + Heat Treatment + Silver Plating
Application: Aviation Power Cable Clip
Material: CuBe 2

Surface Treatment: Heat Treatment 400HV + Nickle Plating 3-5um
Production Process: Stamping